Shopping centres, wedding venues, small businesses, Airbnb and Hotels and Real Estate can benefit from virtual tours.

Whether you’re looking for a complete scan of your business premise or want an end-to-end solution in increasing your local brand awareness and engagement, we would love to have a chat with you.

With over 10 years working with mobile technology and local marketing, our team will ensure every step of the way that you are making the most out of your 360 and virtual reality online content.

Help customers find and navigate your business.

3d Projex Virtual tours can provide the next level of engagement of your business premise, shop, event, property or product through an immersive visual experience. It gives the user a bigger picture through an interactive experience that will allow them see the finer details and get a greater sense of the bigger picture.

How 3D Projex can benefit your industry.

Virtual walkthroughs and Google Street View is being adopted at a very rapid rate with Google constantly tweaking their algorithms to make sure that businesses who leverage virtual tours, panorama and virtual reality are gaining exposure, particularly in local search visibility. This is because from a business and user experience perspective, immerse media contributes to higher engagement rates because it is currently the best possible content for specific search terms.

Dollhouse view of your location

Cut the roof off of your property and get bird’s eye view of the entire property. This allows for easy navigation and a wider perspective of your virtual walkthrough.

Our Clients

3D Projex Virtual Tour Features

360 View

360-degree media has proven to offer a high level of engagement for customers as they can have a deeper level of immersion through a 3D virtual walkthrough experience of your premise, product or showcase.

Quick Turnaround

With an impressive amount of virtual tour projects completed by our team, we have the resources and technical know-how in offering a turnkey service from pre-production all the way to delivery that will have your virtual tour deployed online in no time.

Embed Anywhere Online

Our 360-degree virtual walk through and panoramas can be added to several different platforms that your brand may have. Our walkthroughs are cross compatible and responsive-ready across desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Let us take care of all the technical aspects.

Mobile AR Ready

Through the use of the gyroscope on their mobile device, customers can view your 360 panoramas in real time by moving their smartphone or tablet as if they were actually there.

Google Maps Certified

Boost your online performance by having your location displayed on Google Maps. An increase in your Google presence will increase your brand’s exposure through Google’s continually growing ecosystem.

Proven Results

Several of our clients have had an increase in photo views ever since implementing a 360-degree virtual walkthrough of their business. Our expertise in online marketing combined with creating 360 media has produced high ROI for our clients.

3d Projex positions your business so that your customer can find you quicker. We produce innovative media that will help get your brand get noticed through meaningful engagement.

Easily embed Street View on your website or Facebook Page with our advanced custom embed code.

We use the latest technology to capture our 3d walkthroughs, it integrates with ease on your web properties and works seamlessly across desktops, notebooks, smartphones and virtual reality headsets.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Our technical photographers and consultants can work with you in enhancing the customer experience.

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